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Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend activites and scarey morning.

We gave our back porch a coat of paint this week .Well almost, some trim has to be finished today. Son #4 promises to finish up today. But it's already looking so crisp and nice it brings one's spirits up.
Also changed the Harolds Crayon row. Decided to replace the rick rack moutian with a "Moon Over the Mountian " block. I wasn't sure I liked it a first. It seemed really big and to dominate the whole row. But like DH says IT IS A MOUNTIAN. LOL
Now the scare-wee ( as my grandson says) part . Seven this morning I'm back in my bedroon with only a small light from the hall. Jack starts a low growl and is looking at the side window and I hear something shuffling through the fallen leaves. I peek out expecting to see a racoon,deer or some other animal. Instead I see the figuare of a tall man walk up my neighbors drive,try the garage door finds it locked , then go around the side, come back slowly shuffle back down the drive and out into the street. There are two guys that live there and I know they leave for work around six. Last year on Halloween their house was vandalised, totally trashed inside. This is usually a very quiet neighborhood. I think maybe their targeted because their gay. I will tell them about the incident tonight.


Vicky aka stichr said...

Sorry to hear about the neighbors being 'targets'. That shouldn't happen to anyone for whatever reason.

Sheri said...

Hi Vicky
I talked to one of the guys he said no one should have been around at that time. He gave me his cell number and ask me to call if I ever see anyone suspicious again. Problem is their to the east side of our house and I'm usually hanging out on the west side. For that reason I don't know how much help I'll be.