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Friday, October 26, 2007

Flashback Friday

Way back- Feb.1943. My Aunt Margie and her DH a Coast guard Dentist were stationed at Mahatten Beach NY. Here is their wedding picture taken the spring before.

Aunt Margie is 99 now and a couple weeks ago she gave my sis a scrap book .Among the other things there was this article about a young Guardsman saving a drowning child.

Sis ask me to see if I could locate him or maybe his family thinking they might like to have the clipping. Well with the help Yahoo white pages I did manage to find his younger brother. He told me Arvel was now 86 a retired football coach and lived very near him and that they had just been talking about the rescue . He was very excited and said yes he couldn't wait to get the newspaper clipping. He was a very friendly gentlman and told me interesting stories of his own Military experience. How he ,took part in the Normandy invasion and the liberation of Dachau.

These WW2 vets are leaving us everyday and they have so much to tell we really should take more time to listen and record more of their stories.

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