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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Flowers and Football

So... now you bloom ??
I've had this pot of geranium on my patio since May doing nothing. I swear when I bought the plants they were about three inches high and they hadn't grown at all not even an inch until about three weeks ago. Then they took off and are blooming now that killing frost is over due. The morning glory vine is on my sis's front porch in NE and it did kind of the same thing. It did grow but nary a bud until about two weeks ago. Patty's been whining that it was going to freeze before she got a flower. Then one morning about two weeks ago there was about twelve big blue flowers there to greet her in the morning. It's been a weird summer for flowers.
Now about football. For all those rabid Husker fan cousins in NE "How about them Buckeyes" heh heh heh

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