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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Theme.

As I said in the previous post we lost all our decorations . So when I bought new I went with a gift box theme.Again most of these things came from Pier One. More pics to come : )

The Good ,The Bad, and The Ugly.

First "The Bad," last spring we had a sewer back up flood our basement and lost all our Christmas decorations.
"The Good," I got to buy all new ones. did most of my shopping at Pier One.They have the most beautiful decorations.Here are some of the cute ornaments I bought there.
And finally" The Ugly" I promised family the person that shows up Christmas Eve with the ugliest Christmas sweater gets an extra gift. This should be fun!

Big Week for the Arndt Clan !

Two new cousins Willie's daughter Emily and Vern's Anna both had a little boys this week.
Congrats to them!