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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tree Huggers

Dh and I went on a day trip Fri. to Goll Woods A hundred acres of pristine forest in NW Ohio. Peter Goll bought and cleared the land in 1837 but he had the foresight to set aside 100 acrers that have never been cut. Some of the trees date back 400 years. Peter is my hero. It is so wonderful that he left this so we can get a glimpse of what Ohio looked like before it was cleared for farm land.
The fat lady on the trail is me. You can imagine how I looked three months ago 35 pounds heavier. I have twenty more to go to be in my desired weight range.


sophie said...

What a beautiful place to spend some time.

Christine Thresh said...

Mr. Goll was a hero. He really thought about the future of the planet.
Your post is a good one, a day in advance of the October 15 blog about the environment.
What a beautiful place to hug a tree.