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Thursday, January 22, 2009

More Hair Drama.

I had my hair cut Mon. and as my hairdresser was shampooing my hair she said she was using a clarifying shampoo because I had a lot of spray and conditioner build up. When I left she sold me a bottle of the clarifying shampoo telling me to use it once a week. It was quite expensive . Now my question is wouldn't a strong shampoo like Prell do the same thing? A friend told me Prell is much harsher. Any opinions out there?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The World is Black and White!

Nothing going on here today just a couple pictures looking out a front window. Believe it or not this is a colored photo .
Speaking of black and white's, my sweet DIL Kay gave me a charcoal sketch she made me of a ship coming out of the mist. I'm taking it today to be framed.I'm sure it will cost more than I want to pay but it's to precious to just put it any frame. Will post a picture later.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Approach,

OK the UFOs are making me crazy, well at least causing me stress. I've been having dreams that I have to get somewhere but can't seem to do it and I think it's because I'm putting pressure on my self to finish the darn UFOs. So.... I'm trying a new approach . Rather than just drive my self crazy pushing myself to get to things done just because I've put them off and feel guilty about it. I'm going vow to work on UFOs one week a month. If I get enthused and want to continue working on it after that week ,fine. But otherwise I will simply put it away until the next month. Hopefully this will take the pressure off and let me work on a new projects . We'll see how this plan works.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Whole Lot of Quilting Going On.

Well the new stove is in and I love it! So easy to clean. I've had a lot of people tell me they would rather cook with gas. No problem for me and I think the oven has an evener heat.
Remember the creative painting Ty did in the downstairs bathroom And Nick said it looked like clown ? Well I was going to make some kind of a cirrus wall hanging . But then found this Beatles cheat panel and whipped up a wall hanging with it. I still have to hang it in the bathroom but think the bright colors will go good in there. Also

I finished two UFO quilt tops (two down four to go) .For those of you that don't speak Quilt that's an" Un-Finished Object" Bright Houses from last year's row robin and a Red, White, and Blue Birthday swap from 20002. Now have to iron them and get them quilted on the Gracie machine. Not very good pictures couldn't get the whole quilt top in because no one was there to hold them up for me just pinned them up on the wall..

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Electric Range

Our gas range died New Years day. I've been wanting a ceramic /glass top electric range for a while so talked DH into buying one. I know a lot of people much prefer cooking with gas but I've had electric before and got used to them pretty quick Also been told electric is better for baking (a more even heat) and since I bake a lot I thought this would be a good thing, it was delivered Jan 2, .That's when the trouble started. ABC gave us the name of a guy that could run the 240 or 220 (whatever ) to the kitchen for us, unhook the gas etc. . He can't get out until the 7th .He comes in takes a look and tells me our breaker box isn't big enough ,we need to get a electrician to put in a bigger one. He says this will cost us somewhere between $2,and3,000 dollars. YOW! I'm feeling sick at this time DH wasn't to keen on this whole idea anyway and this is not going to go down well . I call an electrician ,he comes right out and thank goodness gives us a much lower estimate $750. But he can't do it until today and he doesn't unhook gas so... I had to call a plumber to do that another $150. down the drain(smile). So... in the past ten days we've been eating TV dinners cooked in the microwave YUK and fast food DOUBLE YUK. I just hope everything goes smooth today and we can have a good meal.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dude ! I got a Dell!

DH bought me a new computer for Christmas. Brent got it hooked up and transferred some of my stuff yesterday.It's so fast!
For the last week we've been chin deep in kitchen range drama. Who knew switching from gas to electric could be such a hassle. Details tomorrow.