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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I know their hokey but I like um

Last May my son ask me what I'd like for mother's day. Usually I say something like I don't know or anythings fine. But this year it just jumped into my head to say "a cement goose for the front porch" My son had no idea what I was talking about but said his wife Kathy probably would. A couple days later Kathy called to confirm. She couldn't believe that's what I wanted it. She said it seemed totally out of character for me. She said she thought her mom had one in her garage that had been her grandma's would it be OK. I said great. Well it turned out Grandma's had a cracked neck so they bought me a new one but brought me grandma's too. Grandma's is the painted one with the orange beak dressed like a witch as long as she wears high neck lines the crack doesn't show .The new one is a little bigger and is dressed as a pirate. I know their hokey but they make me smile.
I made the witch dress, bought the accessories at the dollar store and thrift shop except the witch hat and braids that is a halloween hat for a dog that came from the feed store.
I took these pictures this morning but as you can see the date is wrong. Does anyone know how to change the date on a digital camera?

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