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Friday, October 19, 2007

Flash back Friday

Well not too far back. Eight years ago I was having a lot of

problems with anxiety and making these little Red Work squares seemed to relax me. I really had no one in mind to give the quilt to so was not motivated to get it done. Well finally this week here it is all quilted. Just needs a binding. Yesterday I drove to the Maumee quilt shop and purchased the red fabric laying on top for that purpose. The gingham in the quilt is not a true red it has a pink tone to it so the sales lady and I decided a burgundy red would go best. I really prefer a true red, burgundy not being my favorite but... the true reds made the gingham look faded and/or washed out. I also have a bunch of Blue Work squares that need to be made into a quilt. Still don't know who to give them to. I think I need twin granddaughters (are you listening Paula and Jenny : )

The LQS in Maumee is about a block from the river so while I was waiting for it to open I walked down and took a couple pictures.There were some big white birds flying around but I don't think I caught any on camera.

So the projects of the coming week will be the binding the Red Work Quilt and working on the nesting Robin. Dorothy's 4th pick is "Make Way for Ducklings" A really cute book and I will of course be making little ducks in a row :)

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blackbearcabin said...

wow...what a fabulous way to relax your mind...and what a beautiful quilt! did you design any of the redwork patterns yourself? id love to see more photos of it!