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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

got my ducks in a row

Here is the fourth row for the nesting robin, The book was "Make Way for Ducklings" I think there are eight ducklings in the book and I only have seven. But that's as many as I could make and keep the row close to the same size of the others. As you see I've changed Harolds Purple Crayon a little. Took out the rick rack mountain and replaced it with a moon over the mountain block. The rows are not sewn together yet, just pinned to the board so things look a little wonky. And of couse I still have to do the details,bus wheels, racoon eyes,duckling eyes and dragon teeth. I tried sewing the purple rick rack on for teeth but it looked like the dragon was wearing purple lipstick.
The third book "The Giving Tree" I put off for lack of inspiration,but have since came up with a idea. So will start it this afternoon. I want to get it done by Nov. 1st when Dorothy anounces the fifth book. This quilt is a Christmas gift so I gotta keep up: )

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Siddis-in-houston said...

You should have been here in Houston next week, the big quilt show is coming up! I have visitors from Stavanger coming. Have a wonderful week end!