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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Word is...

On her blog Christine Kane declared a Resolution Revolution .
Rather than making resolutions ,like losing weight, exercising, etc, etc, that you've forgotten or given up on by March. She suggests you pick just a resolution "word" to improve your self.
I've chosen my word , well... I actually have two words . Sis and I decided to do two .She picked one and I picked one. Mine is APPRECIATE .Rather than think how someone or something can be improved I'm going to "TRY" to enjoy /appreciate the good in everyone and everything. Sis's word is FOCUS . We're both Type A's always thinking about whats next. We're going to" TRY" to live in the moment more.
What's your word?

Monday, December 29, 2008

More Chistmas Pictures

More pictures Kristi ,Will , and Buddy
(the dog) .
Will , Susie (the dog),Nick ,and Jack(the dog)" conversating".(that's not a real word is it?)
Nick and Jack crashed,tired out from the Christmas festivities
And finally one of Milisa in her new adorable coat. She looked so cute in it . It was the first Christmas picture I took.

Friday, December 26, 2008

2009 The Year of UFO's!

I swear I'm going to finish six UFO's in 2009. Here are the candidates.
#1 Lucas's airplane quilt.
#2Thirties Irish chain.
#3 Red white&blue birthday block quilt.
#4 Jake's soccer ball quilt.
#5 Nicks brite squares quilt.
#6 The row house quilt.
I have three more I "will"work on if I get these finished. Now to get busy on them.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas Eve all the kids (that live in town) came over. We had our traditional Taco's, refried beans,and guacamole, Cheese, Summer Sausage, Crackers, Candy and Cookies. We opened gifts, played charades and had a great time.
Here's some family pics of the festivities.
First picture, Cheri ,Will and Kristi, #2 Cheri holding up her quilt, #3 Jenna, Milisa, and the back of Cheri, Kristi and Will's heads #4 Mick and Kath and last one of the tree. The tree is called a Sugar Plum Tree it was decorated totally with candy and cookies.The kids loved it and I don't have to put any decorations away. Yea!
Hope you had a Merry Christmas too.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let it Snow!

As though we have a choice, LOL. We got a ton Thursday and got more coming tonight. I really like snow as long as I don't have to drive in it. But now we're suppose to get bitter cold ,don't care for that so much.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Lucky Duck

Brent sent me an email telling me on his way back from Iraq he was stranded in Seville Spain for a few days . What a lucky duck. Of all the places we lived our twenty years in the USAF Seville was my favorite. We spent two years there in the late sixties. The little brat sent me this picture of him touring Italica some Roman ruins near Seville. Just to flaunt his good luck. Hope someday to visit again myself. Click on photo for larger image.

Monday, December 15, 2008

#4 Challenge

I saw this on another blog and though I wasn't tagged I thought it
would be fun.

It's called the #4 Challenge. Here's the Rules.

* Go to the fourth photo file in your Computer

*Choose the fourth picture in the file.

* Post and explain the picture.

* Tag four people to do the same.

Here's mine. Strangely it was a Christmas picture from two years ago. The quilt I gave Christi for Christmas two years ago . Christi holding it up and Milisa looking at it and Jena on the sofa . Click on for a larger image.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Coolest Thing!

Saw this on Ted's sister-in-law's blog and thought it was so cool. I immediately ordered one from Amazon for Lucas and Jordan.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Time out

Last week my teeth on the lower right side started hurting off and on. Monday the pain was getting worse so off to the dentist. I wasn't sure which tooth was bad the whole area hurt ,well with Xrays, taping, applying air and cold he decided it was a lower canine . He filled a cavity and told me call if it gave me anymore trouble. Well it felt a little better for a couple days then the pain got worse . Dentist called an antibiotic and Thursday went in for a root canal. Finally I'm pain free.So that's what I've been doing the last week.
Plus my camera's battery died so no new pictures . But here's some more from Thanksgiving. AJ and me dueling camera's and Cheri standing beside AJ .Here's also a picture of Christi our little college girl and one of Jena two of the clean up team. Christi's going to be a missionary so we made her say the Thanksgiving prayer . She and my two other sweet granddaughters Milisa and Jena cleaned the kitchen up after dinner. Thanks girls! A pic of our son Mick watching of course football.. And one of DDIL taking a break after cooking for about eight hours. With so much help I had a very stress free Thanksgiving just made some deserts and set the tables.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More Thanksgiving Pictures

Ty finished the bathrooms while he was here. Pictures later, the plumbers are here today hooking up the water and ice in the new fridge and putting new long over due facets in the bathrooms. (and no neither of them is named Joe LOL ) we live in Toledo just in case you didn't get the joke.
Here's some more Thanksgiving pictures. Our son Allen ,he recently retired from the USAF the grandchildren called him The Zohan with his new Doo.
Nick piled out of bed to grate cheese, Him and Paula requested Mac and cheese with the dinner so DDIL agreed if someone would grate the cheese. Nick volunteered.
Our oldest son TY (aka Grisly Adams )painting the small bathroom. I let him have his artistic head since the bathroom is in the basement. He painted it a mint green(my idea) and the cinder blocks on one wall different colors (his idea). It came out pretty cute. Nick says it reminds him of a clown. So now I'm looking for clown patterns to make a wall hanging.
Then Grandson Tyler our soon to be Marine working on this laptop and finally one of Damian, Tyler, and DH tyring to hide.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Catherine`s Vintage Style: Vintage Bib Apron Giveaway Gingham and Chicken Scratch

Catherine`s Vintage Style: Vintage Bib Apron Giveaway Gingham and Chicken Scratch

My Angels and some old lady.

Lucas and Jordan Paula and Damian's little sweeties. Another one of Jordan saying "cheese". And finally some old lady. Don't know who she is! I only see her in the mirror.(smile)


For the first time in years most of our children were here for Thanksgiving. Missing was Ian and Jenny starting new jobs in NE. Brent in Iraq and sweet William was hunting in upper MI. But here's some of the rest of the gang. Some of my girls, Milisa, Christi, and Paula, Some of the boys watching of course Football Nick, Allen, Damian and Tyler. My sweet DDIL Kay who cooked the dinner and of course the bird.