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Friday, October 5, 2007

Nesting Robin

I have been participating in the Nesting Robin Dorothy's hosting. Her first two book choices were" The Kissing Hand "and "Harold and the purple Crayon". Here are my rows for those books. I'm making a childrens row quilt ,bed size or maybe throw .We'll see. I still have some details to finish like the racoon's eyes, the school bus wheels and I want on emboidery the out line of a little boy and a bed on an upper window of the house. Also teeth on the dragon (DH has false teeth so for now the dragons named George after him.hee hee hee.) Still need to sew down the rick rack mountain right now it's just pinned. But from looking at this picture I think I need to change that a little. Maybe bring the mountain all the way down. Right now it looks as though the hot air balloon is dangling from it. These rows are not sewn together yet so they look a little wonky and the horse head sticking up over the top is another project pinned to the board behind these.


Vicky aka stichr said...

I love the, row, are the stars on the bg purple too? Nice raccoon too, and I likve the school themed spelling fingers need some updating I guess.

Sheri said...

Thanks Vicky,
No, sadly the stars are not purple. Tried to find some but ended up with black.