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Saturday, April 26, 2008


Ted and the twins ready for the Huskers spring game. So cute. Check Cece's jaunty pose in her little cheerleader dress.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Garage Sale Finds

A few weeks ago I wrote I was planning on decorating the sun room in a cottage style. Inspired by Sophie's Honeysuckles English Decor Blog.
I went thrift store shopping and picked up some cute and whimsical things. This cute little painted table. I found this wicker platform rocker, the Laura Burch cat on the little chair next to it. and this porcelain doll and a Overhaul Sam and Sun Bonnet Sue pillows. Remember in the 90's those porcelain dolls were the rage and were very expense . I paid a $1.50 a the church thrift shop! I've decided just to leave the yellow paint think it goes fine. Oh, and the pastel striped cushions are from Pier One.
Click on the pictures for a larger image.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Begining of the Begining.

Finally talked DH into tearing out the carpet and getting our hardwood floors redone. Yeah!
I have always loved hardwood floors even before the were cool. But DH who grew up in the 40's and 50's when everyone's dream was wall to wall carpet always wanted it. Seventeen years ago I agreed but only if he promised to replace it in 10 years because I think that's about the life of a carpet. Well as I said it's been 17 years. He (who has a selective memory) claims he never agreed to the ten year deal. Grrrr
Any how this is the beginning of my new look in floors. We've started tearing out the old blue carpet.
PS. Of course Buddy and Susie had to get in the pictures. I think Buddy might be mooning the camera LOL

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The way things "should" be done.

I haven't posted much lately first because of illness and then trying to get cleaning caught up I got behind while ill. And while we're on the subject of cleaning. A poster on a popular forum ask what things we do because we "should" Like vacuuming twice a week, doing wash on a certain day ,shopping on a certain day ,etc, etc.
Coincidentally my sis called last week asking if I thought moping floors cleaned as well as getting down on hands knees. I told her although I do usually mop I don't think it cleans as well an old fashion scrubbing on the hands and knees. She then ask me why I thought that. I replied I honestly don't think mopping cleans very well. She said our mom always thought the "right" way to clean a floor was to scrub them on our hands and knees. I don't remember mom taking a stand on the subject but I do remember she always did them on her hands and knees. I don't think she ever owned a mop. Then we started talking about things mom thought should be done a certain way.
1.Feather dusters-mom's stand was they just relocate the dust, one "should" use a damp cloth.
2. Frosting- Must be 7 min boiled frosting, butter cream was just lazy. (canned frosting ? NEVER! )
4. Be careful with food coloring . Some foods dyed pink ,blue ,green or purple are just wrong. To this day I can't have a green milk shake in St Pat's day. LOL

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Jilly posted a picture on her blog, Riveria Dogs (link on upper right)of two Bloodhounds that reminds me very much of this painting hanging in my family room. I love her blog and visit everyday.
Click on pic to enlarge.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Again with the Row Robin

I finished my row for Jeanne today. Here's a pic. Mine is the bottom row. Click in pic for larger image.

I've never been "crazy" over Crazy Quilts or black and white quilts but I LOVE this one. It was so much fun I might just have to make one for myself.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Crazy Quilt

Crazy quilts and black and white quilts have never been my favorites.
But... never say never .
Here is a pic of Jeane's row Robin I'm working on this month and I love it. It will be fun to work on. This is the great thing about Robins they force you out of your comfort zones and get you interested in things you think your not.
Click on the picture for a larger image.