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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Took some pictures of the trees out front of our drive yesterday. We didn't get as much color as other years. It's been so warm the trees stayed green until late then rain and wind brought them down quickly. But what is left is pretty.
Maybe I should have brought the trash cans in before I took the picture huh? : )

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Water World

Maybe it's because I'm pisces . But I love being near water and Northwest Ohio is the place for it. This part of Ohio is known as the black swamp. It was once a huge wet land that stetched from Ft.Wayne IN to Lake Erie before settlers drained and cleared most of it for farm land. They still find frogs in the basement of the court house here. We have the Maumee river to the south and Lake Erie on the Northeast. Water everywhere.
Here is a photo of the Toledo Lighthouse. I know it's not much in the world of lighthouses but we like it :) My son took this picture last spring while fishing for walleye. Isn't that water beautiful?

Friday, October 26, 2007

Flashback Friday

Way back- Feb.1943. My Aunt Margie and her DH a Coast guard Dentist were stationed at Mahatten Beach NY. Here is their wedding picture taken the spring before.

Aunt Margie is 99 now and a couple weeks ago she gave my sis a scrap book .Among the other things there was this article about a young Guardsman saving a drowning child.

Sis ask me to see if I could locate him or maybe his family thinking they might like to have the clipping. Well with the help Yahoo white pages I did manage to find his younger brother. He told me Arvel was now 86 a retired football coach and lived very near him and that they had just been talking about the rescue . He was very excited and said yes he couldn't wait to get the newspaper clipping. He was a very friendly gentlman and told me interesting stories of his own Military experience. How he ,took part in the Normandy invasion and the liberation of Dachau.

These WW2 vets are leaving us everyday and they have so much to tell we really should take more time to listen and record more of their stories.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

got my ducks in a row

Here is the fourth row for the nesting robin, The book was "Make Way for Ducklings" I think there are eight ducklings in the book and I only have seven. But that's as many as I could make and keep the row close to the same size of the others. As you see I've changed Harolds Purple Crayon a little. Took out the rick rack mountain and replaced it with a moon over the mountain block. The rows are not sewn together yet, just pinned to the board so things look a little wonky. And of couse I still have to do the details,bus wheels, racoon eyes,duckling eyes and dragon teeth. I tried sewing the purple rick rack on for teeth but it looked like the dragon was wearing purple lipstick.
The third book "The Giving Tree" I put off for lack of inspiration,but have since came up with a idea. So will start it this afternoon. I want to get it done by Nov. 1st when Dorothy anounces the fifth book. This quilt is a Christmas gift so I gotta keep up: )

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dutch Blue and White

Last spring I decorated my kitchen in a blue and white. Last week when I was at the local church thrift shop looking for things to dress up the cement geese for Halloween and I found this canister set. It goes perfect. I just love it! Only problem the Tea canister's lid is missing .But the tea pot next to it's lid fit perfect. I think if I find a white one that size and paint the knob blue sitting on the shelf no one will ever know. Oh my gosh I've turned into my mother ! That sounds just like something she would have done.
I'm planning a Dutch Delft wall hanging there. I hope to get started on soon. I've collected some cute quilt patterns for it, a wooden shoe,a dutch girl carrying water and a windmill. I think I'll start that as soon as the nesting robin is finished.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cats and Pumpkins

On the news they said it's been a bad year for pumpkins. You'd never know it here in NW Ohio their everywhere. Seems like every barn yard and every other cross roads has a truck of them for sale. I bought a couple here yesterday. In the truck on the left they were $3 on the right $2. While I was there the farmer lower the price to $1 and $2. The mums were only $1 too but I didn't get any. I always forget to water outdoor plants this time of year and they soon look pretty sad.
Vicky is not the only one with cats in the batt. I left this out after getting home from the LQS Thu. Next time I looked these two were snoozing away on it.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Flash back Friday

Well not too far back. Eight years ago I was having a lot of

problems with anxiety and making these little Red Work squares seemed to relax me. I really had no one in mind to give the quilt to so was not motivated to get it done. Well finally this week here it is all quilted. Just needs a binding. Yesterday I drove to the Maumee quilt shop and purchased the red fabric laying on top for that purpose. The gingham in the quilt is not a true red it has a pink tone to it so the sales lady and I decided a burgundy red would go best. I really prefer a true red, burgundy not being my favorite but... the true reds made the gingham look faded and/or washed out. I also have a bunch of Blue Work squares that need to be made into a quilt. Still don't know who to give them to. I think I need twin granddaughters (are you listening Paula and Jenny : )

The LQS in Maumee is about a block from the river so while I was waiting for it to open I walked down and took a couple pictures.There were some big white birds flying around but I don't think I caught any on camera.

So the projects of the coming week will be the binding the Red Work Quilt and working on the nesting Robin. Dorothy's 4th pick is "Make Way for Ducklings" A really cute book and I will of course be making little ducks in a row :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I know their hokey but I like um

Last May my son ask me what I'd like for mother's day. Usually I say something like I don't know or anythings fine. But this year it just jumped into my head to say "a cement goose for the front porch" My son had no idea what I was talking about but said his wife Kathy probably would. A couple days later Kathy called to confirm. She couldn't believe that's what I wanted it. She said it seemed totally out of character for me. She said she thought her mom had one in her garage that had been her grandma's would it be OK. I said great. Well it turned out Grandma's had a cracked neck so they bought me a new one but brought me grandma's too. Grandma's is the painted one with the orange beak dressed like a witch as long as she wears high neck lines the crack doesn't show .The new one is a little bigger and is dressed as a pirate. I know their hokey but they make me smile.
I made the witch dress, bought the accessories at the dollar store and thrift shop except the witch hat and braids that is a halloween hat for a dog that came from the feed store.
I took these pictures this morning but as you can see the date is wrong. Does anyone know how to change the date on a digital camera?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Flowers and Football

So... now you bloom ??
I've had this pot of geranium on my patio since May doing nothing. I swear when I bought the plants they were about three inches high and they hadn't grown at all not even an inch until about three weeks ago. Then they took off and are blooming now that killing frost is over due. The morning glory vine is on my sis's front porch in NE and it did kind of the same thing. It did grow but nary a bud until about two weeks ago. Patty's been whining that it was going to freeze before she got a flower. Then one morning about two weeks ago there was about twelve big blue flowers there to greet her in the morning. It's been a weird summer for flowers.
Now about football. For all those rabid Husker fan cousins in NE "How about them Buckeyes" heh heh heh

Monday, October 15, 2007

It pays to advertise

Don't you love happy endings?
A few weeks ago someone lost this little dog in the small NE town where my sis lives. They plastered these signs all over town and mailed one to everyone with a mailing address in the area. And guess what? Little Peanut was found and returned! The gratful owners posted a notice in the local paper of Peanut's rescue. Isn't she a sweet little dog.
I see these lost dog posters all the time.They always make me sad wondering if the owners ever find their dogs. Good to know some do.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Tree Huggers

Dh and I went on a day trip Fri. to Goll Woods A hundred acres of pristine forest in NW Ohio. Peter Goll bought and cleared the land in 1837 but he had the foresight to set aside 100 acrers that have never been cut. Some of the trees date back 400 years. Peter is my hero. It is so wonderful that he left this so we can get a glimpse of what Ohio looked like before it was cleared for farm land.
The fat lady on the trail is me. You can imagine how I looked three months ago 35 pounds heavier. I have twenty more to go to be in my desired weight range.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Indian or Christmas fabric?

My son's den is done in an old west bar theme.DDIL and he ask me to make curtain to cover the wash room door in some appropriate fabric. I bought this thinking it looked like Indian print and since the room is done in red and greens I thought it would be perfect.
DH took one look and said "it looks like Chistmas wrapping paper!" Son and DDIL came over took one look ands said "it looks like Christmas wrapping paper!!"
OK, I confess I did purchase it off the Christmas sale shelf last Jan. at the LQS but... the sales lady agreeded with me that she thought it had an American Indian feel. But then of course she was trying to unload a bolt of this.
Oh well, today it's off in the mail (all five yards) to Sandy and her wonderful group making Christmas stockings for the troops. And my son's curtian? They picked another woodsy fabic from my stash and the curtian I made for then is hanging in their den as we speak.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Row Robin flies home.

My row Robin arrived home yesterday after flying back and forth across the country for the last six months. (Thanks Kathi for hosting this fun swap)
The theme I chose was North Woods and it came out beauitful. Thanks guys I love it. It looks a little lumpy in these photos because it's laid out on a goose down comforter. I know, I know we live a house with a truck load of quilts so why do we sleep under a down comforter? Simple, DH has to have his feather tick.

I think I'm going to make some more and use Diane's bear paws as a border. I love those plaids Diane: )

Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekend activites and scarey morning.

We gave our back porch a coat of paint this week .Well almost, some trim has to be finished today. Son #4 promises to finish up today. But it's already looking so crisp and nice it brings one's spirits up.
Also changed the Harolds Crayon row. Decided to replace the rick rack moutian with a "Moon Over the Mountian " block. I wasn't sure I liked it a first. It seemed really big and to dominate the whole row. But like DH says IT IS A MOUNTIAN. LOL
Now the scare-wee ( as my grandson says) part . Seven this morning I'm back in my bedroon with only a small light from the hall. Jack starts a low growl and is looking at the side window and I hear something shuffling through the fallen leaves. I peek out expecting to see a racoon,deer or some other animal. Instead I see the figuare of a tall man walk up my neighbors drive,try the garage door finds it locked , then go around the side, come back slowly shuffle back down the drive and out into the street. There are two guys that live there and I know they leave for work around six. Last year on Halloween their house was vandalised, totally trashed inside. This is usually a very quiet neighborhood. I think maybe their targeted because their gay. I will tell them about the incident tonight.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Nesting Robin

I have been participating in the Nesting Robin Dorothy's hosting. Her first two book choices were" The Kissing Hand "and "Harold and the purple Crayon". Here are my rows for those books. I'm making a childrens row quilt ,bed size or maybe throw .We'll see. I still have some details to finish like the racoon's eyes, the school bus wheels and I want on emboidery the out line of a little boy and a bed on an upper window of the house. Also teeth on the dragon (DH has false teeth so for now the dragons named George after him.hee hee hee.) Still need to sew down the rick rack mountain right now it's just pinned. But from looking at this picture I think I need to change that a little. Maybe bring the mountain all the way down. Right now it looks as though the hot air balloon is dangling from it. These rows are not sewn together yet so they look a little wonky and the horse head sticking up over the top is another project pinned to the board behind these.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Ahhh October ...

I love fall, it's my favorite time of the year and October my favorite month. The fall foliage in MI and Ohio is second to none. DH and I are taking day trip up to AnnArbor end of next week to enjoy the fall foliadge and try a resturant Sophie told me about years ago that had fish tacos. Unfortunatly the fish tacos are no longer on the menu but there are some other tasty sounding dishes we're eager to try. And since I lost 35 (yes 35!) pounds this summer I feel I desreve this : )

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Woke up this morning so depressed I cried. I've been watching that War Stories series on PBS and though it's interesting it's sad and depressing. I hate killing stories no matter what side is doing the dying. In the future I think it's better I stick with comedies.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New blogger

Starting this bog for family and friends to see my quilts and read my ramblings,
Sheri : )