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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Five Week Jump Start.

OK more hair talk, as I wrote in my earlier post I decided to let my hair grow for a year. Since it was so short thought I would try to give it a jump start. I have herard  good things about this Fast Shampoo. So I will try it for five weeks. If it fulfills their promises my hair should grow an inch in that time.

Took this photo with my iPad, self portrait ,my thumbs kept getting  in the way .
   So as u can see it has grown a little since my last photo. Stay tuned I will post another picture in five weeks.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter Adventure.

We had a heat wave today was up in the 40's . Since we're starting our diet Jan.1 thought we would get some Pizza and drive out to the lakes and take some pictures. So off we go fat dumb and happy .
 Well best laid plans of mice and men.  Things went pretty well at first. We ate Pizza , afterward got Jeziy out of her car crate so she could enjoy the ride on my lap and headed for the lake. We intended to stop at Stors Lake and the go on to Gibbs Lake.
    We drove down Stors Lake road to the dock access as we stared down the steep hill to the dock area the rode looked slushy but drivable. Joking I said to Bill " we're not going to get stuck are we?"
Bill joking still said " Probably ."  Well guess what? We got stuck . Two hours  later and $108. Poorer for the tow truck we gave up on going to Gibbs Lake limped home to hunker down and wait until spring..
 Oh , we'll be over it in a couple days .Big freeze coming tomorrow soon we can be doing donuts on the lake. :) Do love living in WI.

Posting a photo Bill took of Stors Lake while we waited for the Tow Truck.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter In Wisconsin!

We got several inches of snow last night.Bill and I were like two kids couldn't wait to drive around .went out to Gibbs lake. Here's a photo of me standing on the lake.never stood on a lake before.The other is Bad Fish Creek. Such a name we had to take a picture.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Our little Jezebel aka Jeziy

Nice Day

Well except for the fact I had a migraine for the third day.
   Went for a drive Jeziy ,Bill and I dropped the gifts off at Tony's .We just have such a small apartment it doesn't take much to clutter so we thought at their house under the tree would be a good place for them.
 Stopped at DQ for blizzards ,need not to eat them but thought it might help head. Their turtle pecan is to die for. Bill had strawberry Jeziy had vanilla pup cup.
   Then went out to Best Buy .Bill wanted to see if the Geeks could fix his printer. It was an nightmare traffic was unbelievable . Forgot it and just came home.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

New Look

  Well since I no longer live on Lake Erie I can no longer sew up storm there. So changed my look. Turquoise has always been my least favorite color. A couple years ago granddaughter requested a brown and turquoise quilt .Making it was pure torture. But suddenly I like it ,don't know why just do.
  Besides was really tired of the Martha Stewart green. So wa la.
      Went to a Christmas party this evening .  I was told to bring a regift. Something u received but didn't like or never used. I brought a Angry Bird Hat .  Received DVD's of Wagon train ,and a small flash light. Which was fine Bill loves Wagon Train reruns .

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We have a very small apartment here in Janesville. People ask me " don't you miss your big house? "
   Answer "No".  I love our little apartment .
  # 1 . I can clean the whole thing in two or three hours.
  #. 2. Can't collect so much junk.
  #.  3. The man who  I live with is so sweet and kind I would live in a cave with him before I would move back to my house.
     The only thing I miss my is my washer and dryer . Very inconvient  to run back and forth to the wash room. But perhaps it's good exercise for me.
   A photo of our little tree.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sad News

My best friend Judy's middle daughter passed the 6th of Dec. Misty Dawn Kelly . This was her wedding picture.   Misty only 46 Judy tells me he soul was as beautiful as her face. 
  Judy and I seem to be connected by the stars.  Both of our first born were born Sept19th.  My 46 year old son died Jan 6th the first month of 2013. Judy's Misty died Dec. 6th  the last month of 2013.
 Judy had all girls ,I had all boys. 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Big Hair

OK finally got a photo of the hair . Also photo of Ted's wife Stacy and her family on a run.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hair challenge

  OK , in August I decided to get perm though my hair is curly I thought it might give it more body. Well it did ...if you consider frizz body. Couldn't even get a comb through it. So hair dresser suggested I get it straightened, well that helped get comb through it but that's about all.  It was still fried .
   Couldn't deal with anymore so today I got it cut very short much to Bill's dismay
   So I told him I would let it grow for one year. Starting today .
   Following my progress I will post a picture each month starting today.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cool Rainy Day.

Nice here in beautiful Janesville WI. Tired of summer lets get fall started .
  Two things going on this week going to start a diet and work on two quilts Mo's wedding quilt and my whole cloth quilt.
  My little cousin Steve died this week ,he was five years younger than me. He suffered from   Mental illness  for years . He took meds for this that  made him feel tired and dopey . He knew it was the pills that caused that and hated taking them. He was a great guy how agonized over others troubles. The pastor compared his feeling to Jesus who feels pain for others sins. A good  comparison . I think of the people claiming to be Christians that were cold or distant to Steve.  Perhaps they should remove the log from their eye.
   Today once again the reading was of the prodigal son. And forgiveness. How many listen to that verse and continue to hold grudges and judge others .
    Well more about the diet and quilts tomorrow.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fishing in the Heat.

We went fishing this morning at 5 AM. So hot the water was even warm. Bill caught one good size Bass. Me ought my mom would say. Well I  did have two strikes but lost them.lake Konkosing is a big shallow lake. really wide place in the river formed by the glacier . I guess it was a big swamp until they built the dam . It was so hot I worried about Jezebel getting too hot but she was fine a fisher girl at heart. Not to mention a fashionista. As you can see in her photo.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Trip to Ohio

We had a great trip to Ohio in June. Took the ferry across lake MI ,which is always fun. Next Granddaughters Milisa's wedding it was great , so beautiful. Then on the Great Wolf Lodge and Cedar Point with Bill's grandchildren in tow. I think the kids had a really good time. Bill was a broken man after two days with two giggling 14 year old girls at the Lodge. LOL But he survived. Pictures to come.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cool Windy Day

It's Cold and windy hete today , 41temp tonight?.. It may be fall before we have a spring. But I do love living in WI never felt at home in Ohio. Closer to Home I guess.
   I finished planting our little veggie garden. Well it's actually it's a flower garden with two tomato plants and two pepper plants . But hey their veggies right?
  Youngest grandson graduated today congrats Will.  Seven more years and the greatgrand children will start.
       Memorial day got me to thinking about the friends and family gone out of our lives. Not just the ones that passed but the ones who choose to drop out of our lives. I reasantly found  out my estranged older brother in CA died two years ago and his wife or son hadn't even notified us. My one son that I hardly speak with , my niece who has dropped out of site with her controling husband for five years now. My nephew who chooses not to visit his mother. which is worse ? No doubt those who choose for selfish reasons. I think someday when  their families are gone they will be very sorry and resent they people who influenced this behavior.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day.

I've been sitting here thinking of  the meaning of this day. I've lost so many friends and family over the years it's scary.
   The first funeral I went to was a grandfather when I was sixteen. Then over the years so many more ,grandparent, parents, uncles , aunts , friends. So strange, them lying there in their coffins, whole , looking as though their napping in their Sunday clothes , yet cold and hard.
   I want to cry out ,where are you standing beside me ? Are sitting in the front row watching the event? Your body is here but your not.
   I believe in god and an after life, but what? A heaven with streets of gold never was that appealing to me. Even as a child sitting in the pew with my parents I questioned the point of gold streets. I'm there's some plan god has just can't grasp what it can be.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sad Post

Our son Mickey passed away Jan 6 2013, at just 46 he lost his battle with cancer. He will be sorely missed