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Saturday, October 3, 2015

My Big Brass Bed!

Well it's not really that big:) It's a full size, what we wanted(not a big a bedroom) but it was a real hell march getting her, are beds female? Found the first bed on Craigslist list ,drove fity miles in a gas chugging  van. 50 miles back just to find out they sold us a queen size. We could have switched to queen but we had purchased a new matteress just a few weeks ago. So went 100 gas chugging miles to return it. Well later found another ,better brass bed on Craigs list. Another 50 mile one way trip to a Detroit suburb .Got the bed,which is beautiful by the way. Tell the seller we don't need the frame .Get home and of course our frame won't work , grrrr.  Call the seller, praying he hasn't thrown the frame away.Horay he still has it ! Off we go for another hell March . But we have it now and it's beautiful ! Oh did I mention road repair all the way up and back.

Water World.

Me and Bill and a dog named Jezebel

Monday, April 13, 2015


The mass is somewhat different than I'm used to. Hard to keep up.
We wanted to go out in the boat yesterday but the wind was so bad 50  an hour gusts. Had a great  rain last night everything smells so... fresh this morning and the frogs are going crazy.
  Working  on Kelsey's quilt is going slow. I have to make at least two blocks a day.
  We ran around yesterday looking for numbers for the boat. Seems every hardware has them but not all and every place has a different size. Bill want's them to be consistent.
  I must go forth and sew :)

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Something is wrong !

everytime I try to log in I have problems . Thing someone has highjacked my blog. Grrr.