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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dutch Blue and White

Last spring I decorated my kitchen in a blue and white. Last week when I was at the local church thrift shop looking for things to dress up the cement geese for Halloween and I found this canister set. It goes perfect. I just love it! Only problem the Tea canister's lid is missing .But the tea pot next to it's lid fit perfect. I think if I find a white one that size and paint the knob blue sitting on the shelf no one will ever know. Oh my gosh I've turned into my mother ! That sounds just like something she would have done.
I'm planning a Dutch Delft wall hanging there. I hope to get started on soon. I've collected some cute quilt patterns for it, a wooden shoe,a dutch girl carrying water and a windmill. I think I'll start that as soon as the nesting robin is finished.

1 comment:

corry said...

Hi Sheri, your Dutch blue and white is lovely! And I can't wait to see the Dutch Delft wallhanging you are gonna make!
Thanks for your visit, Groeten, Corry