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Monday, November 26, 2007

Think Pink!

After raising four boys and having all our bedrooms guy-sie for years. Sports posters, batman sheets, etc. I thought when the youngest moved out I could do the rooms more feminine. Then one son divorced moved back in with grandson and we were back to boy rooms.
So... now that he's remarried and moved out I can do a girly, girly room. Last week my son from KC was visiting and he painted this room for me. As you see VERY pink. The pink checked fabric lobed across the bed I'm going to make a comforter for it. I bought it at the LQS it's 100% cotton but has a sheen to it like polished cotton. And the raggity throw rug is an OLD real Berber rug I bought when we lived in Spain a long time ago. It's just temp until I find a area rug I like.
I know, I know the room is old fashion Colonial/Early American not California chic that's all the rage. But I'm an old fashion girl and this is what I like. Simple and traditional.


blackbearcabin said...

i think the room is adorable! and as far as it not being california chic...its what you want that matters :)
i live in a log cabin, and in one of my rooms i have a lot of red, sequins and india tapestry motifs :) Not log cabiny at all, but i love it!
Besides, theres nothing like having a room to escape to that you decorated in all your favorite things :)

Judy said...

I like the room very pretty.