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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pumpkins,Puppies and Squirrels

A couple years ago the neighborhood squirrels discovered there is some good eating inside pumpkins. They chew a hole big enough to get their head in and eat out all the seeds and pulp. This year I thought putting them on the back porch where the dogs patrol would discourage them. HA, no problem they just work around the dogs . Our two Jack Russell's, Buddy, aka Fatty Arbuckle and Jack, aka Jocko Bean, Jack O lantern, Jack Sprat,(I could go on for pages of Jack-ums ) Are determined to bag one of the little red devils but so far no luck. Like DH says if they ever do catch one they'll have a whole new respect for the bushy tailed little rats..

Buddy, AKA Fatty Arbuckle and Jack


corry said...

That are very clever squirrels! Thanks for your visit, groeten Corry :)

Deb H said...

One of our friends has 2 dogs that were being teased & tormented by a squirrel. One day their male dog finally caught it, & when they looked he was crunching & went gulp. All that was left was a tail.

I'm surprised you didn't get some bright Northern lights in Northern Iowa. I've seen some beautiful Auroras in northern Michigan too.

Leanne said...

Your life must be similar to ours - life with 2 Jack Russells is always entertaining.