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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Red Sky in the Morning Sailor's Warning

Red Sky in the Morning Sailor's Warning
RedSky at Night Sailors Delight.

Or is it just global warming?

Early yesterday morning DH called me into the bedroom to point out this red sun rise. I quickly grabbed my camera and took these. Had to walk to the four lane road because the trees are so dense around here it's hard to get a picture of the horizon. A few years ago my neighbor's mom came to visit her from Utah.When she returned home her family ask if she didn't miss the mountians. She laughed and said "the trees are so thick and tall there I could not have seen the mountians anyway"

Ninety two year old DMIL is very ill so we spent the rest of the day driving to her farm in Eastern Ohio. It was long day but the scenery was gorgeous. The tree's fall colors were at their peak over there.

PS-I've mentioned this before but once again the date on my camera is wrong I DID TAKE THESE PICTURES YESTERDAY. Someday when I get time I must figuare out how to change the date. Maybe that will be todays mission.

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