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Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Nesting Robin

This is my fourth row for the nesting Robin. The book Dorothy picked was "The Giving Tree" No offense to Dorothy or ya-ll that love it but I did not find the book endearing. In fact I thought it was sad and a little depressing. I think bed time stories should be warm and fuzzy.But that's just me.
Anyhow here's my row. Vicky gave me the inspiration when she said while reading the story her granddaughter pointed out how the little boy had grown. I decided to have the tree grow too. I intended to have a stump at the end but like the duckings ran out of room.
I used Christine Thresh's "Kate & Friends" pattern to make a little boy ,an adolescent, a grown man in the prim of life and an old gray balding man. I made the little boy a towhead ,then the hair getting a little darker as he grew older like my boys did. To make the teenager I used her little boy Dolph and just made the legs a little longer. I was originally going to make the old man in bright plaid pants and a white T shirt. Then it occurred to me that most grandfathers now days wear golf shirts and khakis.
This row has been a real hell march with so many interruptions. Ever morning I'd get up thinking "today I finish it". Then life would get in the way.
The next and final book is "The Polar Express" This row will be a no brainier just a long train in the snow with children looking out the windows. But with DMIL so ill and out of town company coming who knows how long this one will take.


Christine Thresh said...

Those are really neat trees. You did a wonderful job with the growing man. I am so excited to see these people "in action" so to speak.
The whole quilt is going to be quite a work of art.

Sheri said...

Thanks Christine They were fun to make.

sophie said...

It might have been a march, but to my eye, it was worth it. Your row is wonderful!

Vicky aka stichr said...

I too like the row! Clever to have the tree grow too, as they do. I thank you for reminding me what Megan had said about the boy to man bit! [must write that down!]