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Friday, November 16, 2007

Kay and AJ's new house.

This post is mostly for family and friends that know who I'm talking about .Our #2 son AJ and wife Kay built a new house in Enid this year. They just moved in about six weeks ago.
The first photo is the only one taken after the landscaping was done. For those that know how much the landscaping cost. I assure you there's more than you can see in the picture. Like some good size trees along the drive.
They have three acres of land here.. There is a small area in the back fenced off for the dog and a little privacy when barbecuing, sunbathing and such.
As you can see OK is big sky country,I love it. I love the many big trees we have here in Ohio but I grew up a prarie girl and sometimes miss those wide open spaces and being able to see for miles.

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Perry said...

This is a gorgeous house. I live in OKC and I agree about OK being big sky country. If you come this way, come to see me and we will hit the quilt stores, lol.