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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


My sis lives in Nebraska and doesn't understand why we rake leaves in the fall. "Daryl has never raked leaves " Well Patty's why. And the lawn service has already been out and picked them up twice. We're not allowed to burn them(not sure why, they do in MI a mile away) Instead they tell us to pile by the street like this . Sometimes these piles get 5 and 6 foot tall. And if your one of the luckey ones the city will come around and pick them up in Nov. Because we live at the VERY edge (next to the last house)of the city our street is usually forgotton. They turn into huge frozen mounds that sit there looking ughly until spring when the city (after many nagging phone calls) comes around and picks them up. Leaving a patch of dead grass next to the street.


Annie said...

Oh, leaves, leaves, leaves, I love the leaves. People rake them up in the Autumn over here around March and then ring the council, but I cruise around with my bags in the back of my car and my rake and pick up bags and bags on each trip to town. I bring them home and put them in my compost heap and make beautiful soil. I love the leaves.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sheri,
That looked like my yard last week. LOL Miss Candi loves running through the leaves too.
Thanks for your visit.

blackbearcabin said...

Thats an impressive pile of leaves you have there....we live in the mountains, so they mostly just blow away :)
Thanks for your nice words about my lighthouse block...i think im gonna enjoy paper-piecing a lot :)
have a fabulous day!