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Friday, March 14, 2008


I haven't felt well this week so haven't been on the computer for a while. So I'm behind reading every one's blogs.
Today's my birthday. Never mind which one:) We were going to take the kids to the Outback for Dinner. But I'm not up to it yet so it will be postponed until next week.
But on the up side it's 50 degrees here and the snow has melted. Ya!

We're a family of dog lovers . Here's picture of my grandsons new baby Husky. Isn't she adorable?

Click on the pic for a better look.

1 comment:

Jilly said...

What a puppy! So beautiful - almost like a perfect toy. Going to grow bigger tho. What a lucky grandson.

And a late Happy Birthday. Hope you feel better now. You share your birthday with Prince Albert of Monaco! See my Monte Carlo blog!