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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Out of the House!

Between remodeling and illness I've hardly been out of the house the last two months. So yesterday I hit the street running for a fun day of shopping. Went to a sewing shop for an assortment cone thread since it's recommended for use with the Gracie. The Cracker Barrel looking for potholders didn't find any but their Easter stuff was 50% off couldn't resit this darling Bunnie.(click on image for better view) I'm going to set on the back porch next to a pot of impatiens this summer. Then on to Bed Bath and Beyond for some potholders and a new no stick pan for fried chicken. Next the LQS for paper piecing paper,they were out have to go back next week. Finally the meat market and home for a nap. Was really tired still fighting this infection I guess.

1 comment:

whitestone said...

The bunny is perfect! Wish he was going to be sitting on MY back porch. LOL. As for being tired, hitting five businesses in one trip, that's tiring. Hang in there!