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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sick and tired of being sick and tired!

I've been sick off and on all month. Finally the Dr. decided maybe I'm not imagining it. Took blood test and said "You have an infection."
Ya think!

Well anyway here are two quilt tops (click on pic's to enlarge) that were found when they cleaned out my DMIL's house. I'm pretty sure they were made in the 1930's. Now I'm trying to decide should I machine quilt them or hand quilt, Hand quilting would compliment the original 30's fabrics. But.... would take a very long time. Need some input here .What would you do?


Anonymous said...
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Paula said...

I love it when Doctors say things like, "well, I guess you are ill." DUH! You would think an adult would know when they are ill!

Hope your better and back to sewing/quilting soon!

Rose said...

Sorry it has taken so long for the Dr. to admit you are sick--does he/she think you just like coming to visit or something. I hope you can get to feeling better now!

As to the quilt tops, I have one that I am in the same position as you. A friend gave it to me; I guess for mine I only think hand quilting is fitting...but I also don't mind just seeing it and turning it and looking at the back. It is almost every bit hand sewn--even the border.

But if I wait to hand quilt it, it may never get done.

whitestone said...

Sheri, these are both lovely quilts. As for hand or machine quilting? You choose. If you want these done quickly so you can display, use, and enjoy them, go ahead and machine quilt. Hand quilting does take a long time. And somehow the unfinished quilt tops just sit in the closet, never to be enjoyed. So if you need permission to machine quilt .. Here t is! LOL. Hope you are feeling better soon. It is no fun being under the weather.

Perry said...

I would quilt them on the machine so you can enjoy them now. Doctors can be so obtuse sometimes, can't they. I hope you get better quickly, this has been a bad year for sickness so far, hasn't it?