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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Old Photo

My DSIL sent me this photo they found in my late MIL's home. No info on it so we have no idea who anyone is. I'm curious about the uniform clothing and each little girl is holding a broom(click on pic for better view). I wonder if it could be an early group of Girl Scouts, 4H, Campfire Girls or something similar. Anyone have any ideas?


blackbearcabin said...

hmmm...they all have brooms, and the teacher has a wand...maybe its a school for witches :) heheheh An early Hogwarts photo!
Honestly i have no idea, but what a great photo :)
thanks for sharing! Hope all is wonderful in your neck of the woods!
p.s. happy national quilting day!

Rose said...

I hope if you ever find any information about the photo that you will mention it...I sure would like to know. I love old photos like this.

whitestone said...

Some sort of musical performance? The teacher's wand makes me think that.