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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Scrap Booking ,Blah...

OK,OK, all you scrapbookers (is that a word?) don't take offence.I love looking at scrap books and have seen some real cute and creative ones. BUT... I just can't get interested in doing it. I have shoe boxs full of pictures I can't even get motivated to stick in alblums. A couple years ago I bought a bunch of photo alblums , had DH bring all the boxs of pictures into the dining room and swore I spend an hour a day working on them until they were all in the alblums. First week I started sorted pictures by decades,50, 60's 70,etc. That was it. They sat in the dinning room for a few weeks .I decided it was just too big of commitment and put them back in a closet.

I have a DDIL who loves to scrap book .I thought of asking her help offering her the pick of the litter of family photos. But then thought "alas" I would have to go over all them with her so she'd know who they were. Forget it, I have sewing/quilting to do.

In case your wondering what prompted this rant ,well Feb. 9th or 10th is/was my mom's birthday. She thought she was born Feb9, 1914. until she needed a copy of her birth certificate. They had her birthday recorded as Feb 10,1914. Assuming grandma Knutson should know what day her daughter was born (one tends to remember the day they pushed another human being out of their body) we think the 9th is probably right. She was born at home and we're thinking by the time the Country Dr. got around to recording it some how there was a mistake. Anyway back to the subject at hand. I wanted to post a picture of mom on my blog but wanted a good one(she would turn in her grave if it wasn't ) DDIL Cheri's B-day is in Feb too but alas after the remodeling in the den I am so disorganized I can't find some pictures . And since ddil wasn't too happy with the Christmas picture I posted I thought I owed her a good one. So.... the Feb. b-day people will be posted with the Mar. b-day people when I get things sorted out. "Sigh"

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blackbearcabin said...

just go to digital, then you can have your photos printed into a book and you dont have to do a thing! :)
No storing of duplicates, no processing, no film to buy...just upload the disc onto a photo printing site and you are good to go :)
My Aunt recently switched to this method when she went digital and she loves it! Ive had a few books made for special occasions, etc...its definitely a time saver!
Good Luck!