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Monday, November 3, 2008

Some Up Dates

First- a fun project the pillow cases I made for Fox,Cece and Patrick. The fairy fabric was given to me by a friend and I immediately thought of Cece,she loves pink. I used the same pattern I used to make pillow cases for the troops.
Second- remember the little chair I got for my sis .Well it seems Peanut our cat has claimed it. He likes to sit on it like a little prince pondering his realm.
Third - I case your wondering we survived the cookies. They were fine. I thought they had lost a little flavor but the guys said they didn't think so.
Fourth- The dreaded TO DO LIST
clean closets-DONE
Really nice to have them clean. Got rid of a lot of old linens,clothes,shoes, cleaning products and unused or broken (some day planned to fix) Nick-knacks. I had to open the closets and peek in this morning just to admire their tidiness (smile)
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