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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The dreaded "TO DO LIST"

Being sick a lot for the last year I've got behind in a lot of things. And since we're expecting a house full of company for thanksgiving I thought I should do a little catching up. So... for the next two weeks I will put quilting aside and do some purging .

Clean out closets
Take old stuff to Salvation Army
Clean cupboards inside and out.
Straighten basement and haul some junk to the dump
Wash woodwork in big bathroom.
Wash down the hall doors
Damp mop hardwood floors.
Wash the windows

Yuk, I'm getting tired just thinking about it. Maybe instead I'll just go get the bag cookies curl up and finish reading the" Lace Reader"


paula, the quilter said...

How is "The Lace Reader"? I put myself on the reserve list at the bookstore for a used copy but haven't gotten it yet. Don't spoil it for me, but is it good?

Sheri said...

So far I'm not really finding it a good read. I'm just on chapter 14 so hopefully it will get better.