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Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Flashback

Remember when you were in your thirties and forties and caught your self thinking or sounding like your mom? Well girls it gets worse . When you get into your fifties and sixties you began to think your mother-law could have been right once in a while. I know scary huh?
Back in the seventies and eighties when wall paper was very popular and I was wall papering everything that didn't move my DMIL told me she would NEVER wallpaper after scraping layers of wall paper and paint off ever wall in a house she bought. I thought "oh please it's not that hard" and loving the wallpaper so much I didn't really mind. No problem.
Well..... I'm 65 now and for the last year have been scraping wall paper off nearly every room in this house. And I HATE IT and you know I'm thinking....... NEVER AGAIN!!!! LOL
So here's some pictures of the dreaded job in the bath room. I think we'll paint(well I know we'll paint it) when I get done a light cocoa color. The other pictures are to show sis how we painted the entryway and of course two dogs because she loves to see pictures of them and complains I don't have them on here enough . Hee ,hee, hee.
Click on photos for larger image.


Judy said...

I have wall paper I need to get down. I'm not looking forward to it at all. Hey, do you want to come help? (lol) Just kidding.

WhiteStone said...

Yah, I've Peeled Before. Whatta job!!!! Love the dogs! I Miss My Sheltie who is long since gone from old age. She was a sweetheart.