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Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Frige,New Snow, New Pattern.

About eighteen months ago our old fridge died and thinking it's just me and DH here now we bought a smaller refrigerator without an ice make. Big mistake! No room for left overs ,no room for soft drinks, no room in the freezer,no ready ice! With all the kids and grand kids coming for Thanksgiving I told DH we have to get a bigger one with ice and water in the door. So bought this little number Friday and it was deliver yesterday. And I love it! The other one is now in the basement holding soft drinks.
We got our first snow yesterday. It didn't stay long but was coming down pretty hard for awhile. Always get excited when I see the first big flakes of the year.
And back to the drawing board with the airplane quilt. Found a new pattern the one on the right . It was easier and I like the look a lot better than the old one. So since I have most of the 'TO DO LIST" accomplished I'll start over with this new pattern tomorrow. The thirty some blocks I made with old pattern I'll give to a charity quilt organization.


WhiteStone said...

Congrats on the fridge! The extra one will come in handy, too. The new airplane block is really attractive. I liked the old one, but the new one is even better.

black bear cabin said...

ohhh...good looking fridge, im jealous! you should see the little archaic one we have...but then, our kitchen ceiling is so low, that nothing else would probably fit :)