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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sick Headache

I've had a migraine for two days .I had a friend years ago from Texas (we lost touch over the years) that called a Migraine a sick headache. Good word for it. The nasuea is the worst part. They usually last about three days so I should be coming out the other side anytime now. I don't get so many as I used to and not sure what brought this one on . Fussing with DH over how much to spend remodeling the family room,and sewing room would be my guess. The man still thinks of goods/products in 1950 prices . The carpet man came to measure yesterday so soon we'll be done. Thank goodness.


Rian said...

My mom used to call them sick headaches too. I get migraines and I know how not-fun they are. Hope yours is gone by now.

Anonymous said...

I get migraines once in a while and they are not fun. I hope it's all over with now.