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Friday, February 1, 2008

Birthday Boy and Quits

Here's the Jan. birthday boy a day late .His 22'nd birthday was yesterday.He called last night from Alaska.We had a nice chat. He will be getting out of the Air Force in Aug. and coming back to go to college here at TU.
These two quilts I've posted before as some of you know. But Konniemac ask me about the story book one and mentioned she was working on a Cars quilt so this is for her. The Storybook one is a row quilt from the nesting robin Dorothy hosted last fall. Each row represents a children's book.
Row #1.The kissing Hand
#2 Harold andthe Purple Caryon
#3 The Giving Tree
#4 Make Way for Ducklings
# 5 The Polar Express.
I gave the quilt and a copy of each book to grandson for Christmas. I can't say I was crazy about "The Giving Tree "book not sure what the message is. I know many teachers love it .But my DIL and I thought it was sad another DIL cried when she read it. But when my sis read it she thought it meant one can always be useful. Maybe...
ps -click on the quilts for a closer look

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Perry said...

I remember looking at this quilt while you were making it, you were on the Polar Bear Express then. I think this is such a good idea for a child's quilt. You did a great job on it, very "cool" looking. And I like your new fireplace!