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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Our New Look

Last couple weeks we've been remodeling our family room. Had an old fireplace removed a new one put in and paint. New dark moss green carpet on order.
I orginally went to get a WB fireplace but was sold when they showed me a vented gas one with blower and remote control. I thought do I really want to clean out ashes? Answer ,No... Three pictures here one of the old gray fireplace and two of our new lake rock corner fireplace

Then I agonizeds over paint color.I thought a warm chamois brown.DH hated that .DDIL was pushing moss green. I was a little leery i thought it was a little too close to avacodo green from the 70's. But decided green is a color I've always been able to live with so I went with moss. LOVE it.
These pictures do not show the true color of the wall they look aqua here and they are a true moss green in person

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Flower Child said...

Greetings Northern Quilter

Enjoyed your Quilt Pictures.

I do two blogs. I am a Former Farm Boy from Clayton County Iowa who now resides in Georgia.

Not enough farms in Iowa for All Of The Farmer's Sons. I joined the U. S. Navy in 1961 to avoid the Draft.

When you say your married an "Airman" was he in the Navy or the U. S. Air Force?