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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just Shoot Me!

For gosh sakes! I just got over my migraine last week was folding some clothes turned the wrong way and twisted my knee. But I shouldn't complain too much. Ice packs for a couple days and wearing this knee pad and it's almost good as new.

When I started this blog I decided I would not write about illness or politics.
Politics for the simple reason that I don't think my opinion or knowledge of the subject is so profound that I feel driven to shove it down the throats of everyone unfortunate enough to be near me. Unlike Elizabeth and Rosie on the view.
Illness? Well when I was five my Aunt Margie came to our house for a visit one morning . When I began to tell the guesome details of a stomach flu I had suffered the night before she gently informed me that one does not disscuss such things in a polite society. I never forgot that and have avoided sharing such unpleasentries ever since.

But alas, here I am whining about a migraine last week and now whining about twisting my knee. I promise no more!


Rian said...

I hear ya, Sheri. I don't like to complain-blog either. And I get migraines, so I know how you feel, and sometimes you have to vent. When my husband was going through a "bad year" (actually it was more like two) if someone asked him "how are you" he would tell them, not missing any detail. I would get after him and he said, "but they asked!" Sheesh.

Take care of yourself.

Paula said...

Whine away, most of us understand! Sorry you've been battling your body doing what you wish it wouldn't do! Heal soon and get back to sewing!

Rose said...

It's your blog--you can say what you want. As for 'whining' I am always glad to see I am not the only one that whines.

I hope you are as good as new soon....

Patty said...

ouch, not fun, but then a bum knee does give you time to sit more, which is not all bad