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Friday, March 12, 2010

Tired : (

Two months ago I joined Curves. I love going but I'm just tired all the time. Everyone I talk to says they feel more energy when they exercise. Not me , I have to force my self to get things done now. I've always been very energetic and get a lot done but now it's like I've used up all my energy when I get home from Curves.
Anyway here's the spring pad for Cheri's bench I'm working on. I was going to put a couple bunnies on it but figured this way it will cover all Spring instead of just Easter.

1 comment:

black bear cabin said...

perhaps you are working out at the wrong time of day...or not eating enough of the right things to fuel your day. usually when you start working out, it energizes you...wonder if its something else :(
hope it turns around the meantime, your quilt is lovely!