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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Can't Speak!

Brent was over yesterday messing with my pictures and now for some reason the computer won't let my type on a page with a picture.
Anyhow here's couple flash backs. In 1975 we were living in Iran . One day I was late getting home from grocery shopping at the Embassy and this is what greeted me. My babies on a Camel!!!!, The kids had already came home from school and the herds of Sheep, Goats and Camels were moving from south of Tehran to the mountain pastures in the north. The herders knew they could sell Camel rides to the children in the city so here we are.
It's suppose to get to 53 today making me anxious for spring flowers. The other picture is my Mona Lavender last year it was so pretty.

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sophie said...

I talked to a friend in Michigan yesterday and asked if the crocuses and tulips were starting to sprout there. Here today, between sever thunderstorms yesterday and possibly tomorrow, it's sunny with a high of 72 degrees. I've barely just pulled my winter clothes out of storage and it feels like time to put them back ;-)