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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Flashback Saturday ,And YesThey Could Dance.

Friday flashback a day late.
The photo is of my fathers family taken I'm guessing in about 1926 or 1927. My father is the handsome young man second from the left in the back. They were all farmers but grandma was a big city girl and knew how to turn out a well dressed family.
What does this have do with dance your probably thinking. Well we have to go to my mother's family for that . Mother came from a very large family eight girls and six boys. Five of mother's sisters were younger than her and still in their twenty's when my sister Patty, my cousin Gay and I were teenagers. We were their Barbie Dolls they liked to do our hair and tell us what to wear and not wear . When any of us had a new boyfriend their first questions were never the usual , "What does he do for a living?" "Does he come from a good family "," What religion is he ?" NO ,NEVER!!! We were ask the most important question of all. "Is he a good dresser and can he dance" LOL I know, probably not the best values to pass on to your nieces but it was what was important to them. And didn't seem to effect me to much DH is a good provider, but he has two lefty feet and thinks dressing up is putting on a clean pair of sweats.
I suppose they thought my Mother married well because my father's family were great dancers and dressers. Grandpa could do an Irish jig that made you dizzy. His legs would go like an egg beater. Even in their seventies grandma and grandpa went to the Monday night dances at the Wood Cliff south of town. Ever Monday morning grandma would be putting her hair up in pin curls, ironing their clothes, and mumbling that this week she wasn't going. But she always went.
The last time I saw grandpa he was dying of congestive heart failure but he jumped up and did a quick jig for us.
Sure wish I could see it one more time.

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whitestone said...

Read your post about your wishing to see your Grampa dance one more time. I have the same feeling about my Dad. Not to see him dance, cause he didn't dance, but to see him one more time this side of heaven. He's been gone 23 years now and I still miss him. Thank goodness, we look forward to Heaven.