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Friday, January 11, 2008


Another blogger, "Cold Feet Quilter "posted a pic.of 0.6 lbs of butter to demonstrate the amount of fat she lost over the Holidays. It is really a good way to realize how much extra fat one has or is carrying around. I've read that people with anorexia always think they are fat no matter how skinny they look. I'm the flip side of that feeling. As a child I was always skinny .and as an adult I remained thin until I was well into my forties. So when in my fifties I ballooned up to ninety seven I did not feel fat. Inside I still felt like skinny little Sheri who got teased for her bony knees. I would see myself in photos or refection in a store window and think "my gosh I'm fat" but I didn't feel fat.
Then last summer I caught an intestinal bug that took me three weeks to kick. Everyone else in the family got it and was over it in twenty four hours. Anyhoo during this time I lost twenty pounds. An unpleasant way to lose weight but never the less I was determined not to gain it back. Recovering from an illness I didn't want to starve myself so I just changed what I ate not how much. I gave up soft drinks, deserts ,goodies, snacks period and red meat. As a result I've lost twenty more for a total of forty lb's since June.
I didn't have a whole pound of butter in the house, so picture this quarter pound multiplied by 160 ! eeeeooowww! That was a lot of fat I was carrying around.

I will post a before and after photos later.

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