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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas Spirit All Year

A friend of mine from Poland told me she always leaves one Christmas decoration out all year to remind her family the of the Spirit of Giving all year. I thought it was such a nice tradition I adopted it. For the last few years I displayed a Nativity plate in my secretary. This year for a change of pace I decided to keep this little brass angel on the kitchen windowsill.

Also a pic.of the fabric I'm using to make curtains for the family room .My procrastinated project for this week.


blackbearcabin said...

I love the idea of leaving a Christmas item around all year...however i usually do it unintentionally. You know, you pack everything a quick once over of the house...drag it all out to the garage to store, and then two days later find something you missed....doh :)
Love the fabric by the way...dont forget to show us how the curtains look when youre done.
In the meantime, let me know what you think of your new TV when it arrives. We love ours! :)

corry said...

Thanks for your visit! Love the Dutch clogs in your window!

Rose said...

I want to see the curtains when they are done, too! It would make nice material to selectively cut and use in a quilt.