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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Several people ask me where I got the pattern for Milisa's quilt. Here's the book, Crazy Curves I dug it out this morning . I was telling people the book was Circles and Curves (don't know where I got that).You do have to sew a curve but it's easier than it looks . My first block was off about a quarter inch.But someone told me to pin both ends and the middle. After I started doing that it went pretty easy. You can purchase templates that go with the book.

There is quite a few patterns in the book. I'm thinking of this one for my DDIL's nephew. She ask me to make some kind of soccer ball quilt for him. I'm thinking of making this yellow and blue one (first picture) only in blues, blacks, and white.


Perry said...

I have this book and it is a good one. The templates are worth the money if you intend to do many of the patterns. And Sheri, you don't have your email address posted so I couldn't thank you for visiting. The sun is shining here this morning, that's a good sign! Happy 2008!

Annie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog - and I love the curvy quilts. I think they seem very very clever ones. I have not attempted one...yet!

Quilting For Less said...

What an awesome idea with the large and small circles! Love the idea!