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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Little Angels

My great grandsons Lucas and Jordan. Paula and Damian are kinda stingy with the pictures but here's a resent . They look so much alike , two little peas in a pod. They have Paula's black hair and Damian's blue eyes .Their going to be heart breakers in a few years.

And a couple picture's of Zack after his spring grooming. He's tired from our walk here. The first picture he's looks up at me and the camera The second one he just lays his head down disinterested.
Since the weathers warmed up I've given up Curves and instead been walking Zack two miles a day. I didn't loose any weight at Curves just built up my shoulders and arms. Yuk, not a look I want! My goal was to tone up and slim down not look like look Lou Ferrigno.

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