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Friday, January 9, 2009

New Electric Range

Our gas range died New Years day. I've been wanting a ceramic /glass top electric range for a while so talked DH into buying one. I know a lot of people much prefer cooking with gas but I've had electric before and got used to them pretty quick Also been told electric is better for baking (a more even heat) and since I bake a lot I thought this would be a good thing, it was delivered Jan 2, .That's when the trouble started. ABC gave us the name of a guy that could run the 240 or 220 (whatever ) to the kitchen for us, unhook the gas etc. . He can't get out until the 7th .He comes in takes a look and tells me our breaker box isn't big enough ,we need to get a electrician to put in a bigger one. He says this will cost us somewhere between $2,and3,000 dollars. YOW! I'm feeling sick at this time DH wasn't to keen on this whole idea anyway and this is not going to go down well . I call an electrician ,he comes right out and thank goodness gives us a much lower estimate $750. But he can't do it until today and he doesn't unhook gas so... I had to call a plumber to do that another $150. down the drain(smile). So... in the past ten days we've been eating TV dinners cooked in the microwave YUK and fast food DOUBLE YUK. I just hope everything goes smooth today and we can have a good meal.


WhiteStone said...

Electric heats pans more slowly than does gas. However, I discovered last year that the Corning Visions glass pans heat really quick on my glass top stove. Over the summer I found several pans and lids at yard sales. You can search for Corning Vision on eBay to see what kinds of pans I mean. They came in cranberry and a dark amber clear glass. Also old white Corningware that is labeled for stovetop use works well, too. Otherwise I still use my stainless pots, especially for soup, etc. Hope you get your new stove hooked up soon!!

sophie said...

Good luck with the electrician!!

We've been on a similar path . . . for different reasons. I've been "cooking" (rice and veggies) in my vegetable steamer and heating up soups in a hot pot at the motel while house hunting . . . I can't wait to cook again. My Loft also has an electric glass top range–a first for me. I have stainless steel pans; based on WhiteStones' comment, I may go looking for some Corning Visions stuff . . . if there's still room for anything else after I finish unpacking !!

black bear cabin said...

my mother in law went for several months without a stove and cooked everything on her electric skillet, microwave or grill outside. I would have gone insane, but they needed a special size stove (ceramic) and needed to have all their gas and electric stuff switched too, so it took forever to get it all taken care of. At least its only a week instead of months for you...and soon you will be making yummies on your new stove :)

WhiteStone said... that stove installed yet?