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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Birthday Boy and a Veteran

Grandson Will's birthday party picnic was at the metro park yesterday. Dumbie me forgot my camera but here's a picture of him and his girl friend taken a few weeks ago. The girl in the car behind them covering her face is Granddaughter Jena. I've always called Will, Prince William but decided that might be embarrassing in front of his girl friend so addressed his B-day card to just Will this year. Will is a very sweet polite boy.
Second picture is Nick he's back from four years in the Air Force. He's staying here for a couple weeks then visiting his mom and her family Spain.Then coming back to attend college here, This picture was taken right after Nick joined the USAF I'll post a more resent one later he was a skinny 18 year old here now he's a 23 year old Military Vet. (smile)

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