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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tacoma 1960's

Vicky ask me what the Tacoma Zoo was like in the 1960's. My answer " duh.. I don't remember" But I did find these pictures taken getting ready to go and at the Zoo. , In the first photo sons #2 and #3 at the Zoo, second photo me (big hair thanks to DMIL talking me into a perm ) trying to shoe an uncooperative child with a little help from the cat before we take off, last photo son #1 just before we leave for the Zoo. Don't know why we didn't take more pictures at the Zoo like maybe with the animals. But I'm thinking we had our hands full with wrangling three little boys. Our oldest son loved to bolt when ever he saw an opening . Anyone that's read Stephen Kings "Pet Cemetery "can appreciate that fun game. I used to have nightmares of him running out into traffic. That's probably why he and I are not in the Zoo picture he's bolted and I'm chasing.
But back to not remembering much about the Tacoma Zoo, in my defense we've been in three continents, nine countries and a lot of Zoos. So I started to think, what do I remember about Tacoma? Tacoma was my husbands first Air Force assignment after we were married .We were there five years the longest we ever lived anywhere until we retired. The first house I don't remember the street name it was a cute two bedroom with a very nice living room that had a huge great wood burning fireplace. The problem was the house was not insulated well. I think it had orginally been built for a summer vacation or hunting cabin. We had to sleep in the living room near the fireplace to stay warm. . Before long we moved to a apartment on Pacific Ave. It was very nice and warm but it was second story and we had a growing family. So.... we moved again to a house in Tillicum across the street from a lake. This was my favorite we were just couple blocks from a public beach I could take the kids to.

Just a few of the other things I remember are -Always getting a thrill when I'd see Mt Rainer from my back door(only on a clear day of course :) Kippered Salmon, first time I had it and love it. A short drive to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time. Escalators going up the hill between the streets in down town. Crossing Narrows bridge to have a picnic in a park. The chili dogs had beans in them . And the weather , it rains a lot in Tacoma but when it's nice it's very, very, nice in fact it's perfect. .
It was one of my favorite places we ever lived.


Patty said...

wonderful photos ! Just love when I browse through our photos and can sit down in the company of memories through the imagines of a time and place gone by

ginger said...

I love going through old photos and hearing the associated stories!
That was wonderful!

Vicky aka stichr said...

I need to dig out some old photos too. And as for the Narrows bridge...we have a second one too now. I live on the other side of it, on the 'park' side...LOL

Perry said...

Life was a lot more simple then, wasn't it? Sometimes I wish it was still that way. Thanks for sharing your memories.