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Saturday, December 22, 2007


I honestly don't understand a Grinch.. Yes, I know some people that don't have family can feel lonely and others get depressed around Christmas. But to be grouchy and belligerent and spread the gloom makes no sense to me. On a popular forum I visit one Grinch went on two tirades one about her son and DH eating all the cookies she baked and another about a difficult SIL. Now maybe the cookies were suppose to be for the Church social,I don't know. But to berate your child and husband on a public forum I thought she was horrid. I baked snicker doodles yesterday and son and DH put a pretty big dent in them .My reaction"they like my cookies, they really like my cookies" I know,I know some will say I sound like a Pollyanna. Trust me I'm not. But I do try to keep thing in perspective. They didn't burn down the house, wreck the car, or lose the dog,they ate some cookies.
So bake some more. And rent Steven Baldwins movie " Midnight Clear"


sophie said...

Snicker doodles . . . yum!

Anonymous said...

You sound like me. I'm just so happy when they eat my baking. To me that means they like it. I don't understand Grinches either, when I see one it makes me glad that I'm not like that.
You have a wonderful Christmas.