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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some of My Favorite Things

The pine rope, lights and red bows on the picket fence out front is one of my favorite Christmas things. Don't know why it just gives me joy to look at it. And once again my hokey geese They give me joy too. Again don't know why. The little red coat my DDIL bought at a garage sale. I only have one goose dressed up so far I'm trying to decide how to dress the other one I debated between a reindeer or an angel. Any opinions.
Now another question. Our family traditional Christmas Eve dinner is Mexican fare ,taco's, refried beans, etc. OK,OK,OK, I know this is not a common traditional I've never claimed it was. But..... my dear sis (yes you Patty :) makes fun of this and tries to tell me her family tradition of Christmas Eve CHILI is a NATIONAL TRADITION. I beg to differ since she is the only one I know who serves chili on Christmas Eve. So I ask you dear reader do you know anyone that Christmas Eve's tradition is Chili?


Christine Thresh said...

Those garlands and bows on the fence are lovely. They would give me joy too.
I've got to haul out the Christmas tree bucket right now. We have a small tree in a pot that has spent the year on our back porch. It is time for it to come in now.
Your Christmas quilts are darling.

Anonymous said...

I love your decorated fence, very pretty.

Vicky aka stichr said...

I have been waiting for the right place to place a lighted garland and I can see that it won't work if I don't have a white picket fence!

Perry said...

Like your fence, and I love your goose. When we lived in Texas there was a house that had one of those and she always kept it current as to the month or holidays. AND, we have chili at my house on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, any day of the week. It's good!