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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter Adventure.

We had a heat wave today was up in the 40's . Since we're starting our diet Jan.1 thought we would get some Pizza and drive out to the lakes and take some pictures. So off we go fat dumb and happy .
 Well best laid plans of mice and men.  Things went pretty well at first. We ate Pizza , afterward got Jeziy out of her car crate so she could enjoy the ride on my lap and headed for the lake. We intended to stop at Stors Lake and the go on to Gibbs Lake.
    We drove down Stors Lake road to the dock access as we stared down the steep hill to the dock area the rode looked slushy but drivable. Joking I said to Bill " we're not going to get stuck are we?"
Bill joking still said " Probably ."  Well guess what? We got stuck . Two hours  later and $108. Poorer for the tow truck we gave up on going to Gibbs Lake limped home to hunker down and wait until spring..
 Oh , we'll be over it in a couple days .Big freeze coming tomorrow soon we can be doing donuts on the lake. :) Do love living in WI.

Posting a photo Bill took of Stors Lake while we waited for the Tow Truck.

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