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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cool Rainy Day.

Nice here in beautiful Janesville WI. Tired of summer lets get fall started .
  Two things going on this week going to start a diet and work on two quilts Mo's wedding quilt and my whole cloth quilt.
  My little cousin Steve died this week ,he was five years younger than me. He suffered from   Mental illness  for years . He took meds for this that  made him feel tired and dopey . He knew it was the pills that caused that and hated taking them. He was a great guy how agonized over others troubles. The pastor compared his feeling to Jesus who feels pain for others sins. A good  comparison . I think of the people claiming to be Christians that were cold or distant to Steve.  Perhaps they should remove the log from their eye.
   Today once again the reading was of the prodigal son. And forgiveness. How many listen to that verse and continue to hold grudges and judge others .
    Well more about the diet and quilts tomorrow.

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