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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whine,Whine, Whine...

I don't get as much time as I'd like to quilt. Seems there's always so... much to do around here Laundry, cleaning ,shopping , cooking , exercising . Dr. appointments for me and DH , Church, walking the dogs, connecting with friends and family (gasp). For gosh sake we're retired shouldn't our live be slowing down!
I have recurring dreams that I can't get where I want to go ,or that I'm driving a car I can't stop. People that analyze dreams tell me this means I feel my life is out of control. Duh... yeah well how do I fix it? What does one want to cut out? Cooking, quilting, the dogs ?No No No..
My sis tells me I have an unrealistic standard of clean. Well how does one overcome that? Let the house go until it slides into squalor and the live with it until it ceases to bother me. Don't think so.
OK I'm done venting : )
Have a fun Fat Tuesday!

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